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Bob has wallpapered for almost 30 years. During this time he has probably hung every different type of goods that are available today. Over the years he has worked for many decorators and has found they like to experiment with new ideas all the time. He has learned a lot from these experiences and has been able to incorporate this into his work.

Wallpapering takes three things:

1. Knowledge and experience are necessary because not all wallpapers are created equal. There are many variables, i.e., conditions of the walls, the wallpapers themselves, many of which require special techniques and different pastes to have a successful installation.

2. Skill, which is a combination of natural ability and practice.

3. Desire, the desire to make it as perfect as possible. This at times can be frustrating for the perfectionist because the walls and the wallpapers are less than perfect. No one works harder or is more critical of his own work than Bob.

Like painting, preparation work is very important:

1. Wallpaper is removed and walls are thoroughly washed

2. Walls are patched and sanded as needed.

3. Walls are either primed or sized or both depending on the circumstances.

4. Lining papers can and are available to improve the walls.

There are many types of wallpaper some of which are:

1. Regular wallpaper (we refer to it as paper paper)

2. Paper backed vinyl.

3. Fabric backed vinyl (solid vinyl)

4. Naturals (grasscloths, strings, weaves, etc.)

5. Fabrics (natural fabrics, silks, suedes, linens, etc.)


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