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Interior Painting

Preparation work is probably the most important part of any job. Below you will find a list of what that work consist of:

1. Walls and woodwork and sanded prior to painting.
2. All new woodwork is primed and nail holes puttied.
3. When painting previously wall papered walls all the paste is thoroughly washed off.
4. Woodwork is caulked.
5. Holes are plastered and cracks are taped and patched.
6. Woodwork is lightly sanded between coats and wiped down with tack cloths to remove all dust.
7. All hardware is either removed or taped prior to painting to keep your door knobs clean for example.
8. Furniture is covered with new plastic drop cloths and floors are covered with cloth drop cloths.
9. We are as neat and clean as possible and we clean up at the end of each day.

We usually use latex paint on the ceiling and walls and have recently begun using latex on the woodwork also. Oil paint fumes are unhealthy and unpleasant and are being phased out by the government and painting companies. Just as important, the latex paints have improved dramatically over the years, and they don't fade or yellow like the oil bases. That being said oil based paint has a superior look on woodwork, and we will use it where a customer requests it. If a husband and wife disagree then we bow to whoever signs the check.

Exterior Painting

Once again preparation is the most important part of any job, below is a list of what that consist of.

1. Power wash the house.
2. Scrape and/or sand all loose and pealing paint.
3. Use power tools like disc sanders on certain tough areas.
4. Caulk all trim as needed.
5. Re-Glaze window sash as needed.
6. Spot prime all bare wood.
7. Complete paint removal using “The Paint Shaver” is available.


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